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Is Malwarebytes Safe for Windows, Mac, and Android?

Malwarebytes Anti-malware (Malwarebytes Anti-malware) is an easy-to-use program created by MalwareBytes. This company, under its roof, has united many programmers who developed free utilities to remove a variety of malicious programs. Therefore, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, despite the very powerful virus detection and removal mode, remains free for users using it at home. There is also a premium version of the program, its main difference is the presence of a computer protection module in real-time. In this review, we consider the question of is Malwarebytes safe for devices?


Is Malwarebytes safe in the trial version?

According to reviews, the free version of Malwarebytes is designed only to clean up infections. Real-time protection is available only by subscription.

To determine is Malwarebytes safe, we made a trial test, Malwarebytes completely removed the remaining 44 percent of threats from 100%. In another 13 percent of cases, the product deleted some traces but left the executable files intact. In the remaining 10 percent of cases, the files were supposedly quarantined, but at the same time remaining in their usual location. Received logs were sent to the vendor for trial.

Thus, to the question is Malwarebytes safe, we can say that in the free mode it is safe but ineffective.


Advantages and disadvantages of Malwarebytes

Among the obvious pros and cons, the program may differ in the following qualities.

very fast scan speed.

  • removal of most malicious objects.
  • distributed free of charge.
  • disadvantages

If you are interested in, is Malwarebytes safe, and where there may be errors in the security of the program, then we can say that due to some shortcomings, the effectiveness of this utility may drop:

  • no real-time protection;
  • missed old malicious samples in the test;

Also, in our test, some files were marked as added to quarantine but remained in the system.


Is Malwarebytes safe with PRO version?

The professional version of the antivirus has enhanced options for automating work processes. For improved security, the utility provides several additional functions:

  • Real-time computer protection.
  • Track and block intrusion attempts. Even in this mode of operation, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware does not conflict with other antivirus solutions on the computer.
  • Double protection against cyber threats.
  • The option of instant anti-virus scanning. Only two areas are checked for infection – RAM and autoload. It is in a startup that the viruses most often try to infiltrate to hit the system in the most vulnerable place – in the startup process.
  • Block potentially dangerous web resources. Sites are checked against the blacklist of the cloud service.
  • Task Manager.
  • Scanning on a given schedule.
  • Determining the frequency of updates. It helps maintain security for forgetful users.
  • Password protection of program settings – prevents unauthorized changes in settings.
  • Some advanced viruses, first of all, try to turn off anti-virus software so that they can easily do their dirty work.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware differs from most popular anti-virus packages by its amazing simplicity, even a certain asceticism, and minimalism. There are no frills in the program, such as password managers or notebooks – why is it in antivirus?


Is Malwarebytes safe for smartphones?

Among other things, this is a serious tool for any smartphone: iPhone, iPad, Android and more. This program provides ongoing protection against various cyber threats:

  • rootkits
  • trojans
  • spies
  • extortionists
  • advertising
  • unauthorized surveillance

Moreover, it saves the resources of your device, making it faster and more optimized.

Still thinking is Malwarebytes safe? Do not hesitate, it is more than safe, especially with the PRO version.