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Avast Behavior Shield: How to Disable It?

This is a process of behavior screen, basically similar to the truth, Behavior Shield translates as a behavior shield. Avast Behavior Shield running in the background checks the behavior of running programs. The module runs under the aswidsagent.exe process, which is launched from the folder:

C: \ Program Files \ AVAST Software \ Avast

How to disconnect Avast Behavior Shield?

Briefly about the main thing. You can disable Avast Behavior Shield. It was checked on the version of Avast Premier. Algorithm of actions:

  • Open Avast, click in the upper right corner of the Menu, select Settings.
  • Choose Protection.
  • Click on Main Components> switch the slider to off.
  • Click on the Screen from ransomware> switch the slider to off.

How to disable Avast Behavior Shield or reduce its load

You can disable it this way – go to the Avast settings, find the component section:

Disable Avast Behavior Shield.

However, in the latest version, for January 2019, no one found such a component. Perhaps in different languages, ​​it has a different name. But we found another component – just a behavior analysis. Right-click on the tray icon, select Open Avast user interface.

  • In the upper right corner, open the menu, select Settings.
  • Next, go to Security> Basic security components. Now in these settings, you can experiment, you may find something that causes a load on the PC. But the Avast Behavior Shield process most likely will not disappear – I tried to disconnect different things, it does not disappear.
  • You can also try disabling the options on File Protection.
  • After the reboot, the process does not appear. However, attention – the method works on the version of Avast Premier 19.1.2360 (theoretically it might work on others as well).

How to configure Avast Behavior Shield

The main function of this program is to track hidden threats when the PC is turned on. This happens in real-time and should not affect the operation of your PC.

To change the settings for this program, do the following:

  • Open the user interface window
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Components
  • Click on the Settings item next to the Avast Behavior Shield tab
  • There you will find options for customization.

The user can specify the main threats in the General Settings option. There you can indicate what actions should be performed in case of a threat.

The user also indicates the necessary exceptions. The program will not scan these files and folders, even without your knowledge.

The same freedom of action is possible for controlling a web screen, mail, antivirus, file system screen, etc.

Avast again created a unique solution to protect almost any threat: ransomware, spyware, trojans, rootkits and any other bugs that could only happen to your computer.

We found out that you can still disable Avast Behavior Shield, but you will have to lower the level of security. If the second component, the screen from ransomware, can still be disabled, then disconnecting the main components is hardly a good idea.

We can only advise playing around with the settings, maybe there is an option that causes a load, but you can do without it. Hope the information was helpful. Good luck.