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Is It Safe to Use Avast Driver Updater?

Avast introduced Avast Driver Updater, a product that searches for outdated drivers and updates them with a single click. Missing or outdated drivers are detected by smart scanning and updated to prevent crashes, errors and PC connection problems.

“All devices installed or connected to a PC have drivers for two-way communication between the device and the operating system. Outdated or missing drivers can lead to performance problems or potential security risks, ”said Avast Consumer Solutions President. – Our powerful and easy-to-use tool is supported by an extensive database of more than 127,000 device drivers, including major brands such as Acer, Canon, Dell, HP, Intel, LG, Samsung, and others so that users always get the latest and most stable versions device drivers for the system. ”

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and features of this utility.

Why is Avast Driver Updater not only safe but also useful?

Some of its positive advantages include:

  • No crashes and bugs. With highly intelligent scanning, Avast Driver Updater easily detects all outdated and faulty drivers. As soon as the utility finds a crash or an outdated driver, it removes it, and the system works faster and more optimized.
  • Clear graphics. The utility also checks graphics drivers to improve image and multimedia quality.
  • Problem-solving. You no longer have to search for drives or other media to download the driver. You just need to use Avast Driver Updater, which contains a stably updated database of drivers for any device.
  • Stable connection. Avast provides real-time access to drivers for cameras and keyboards, monitors and speakers, and so on.

The program also provides some additional functions:

check about 500 drivers immediately

  • creating a separate PC profile and maintaining an optimal position
  • prevent hardware problems thanks to a scaled installation
  • backing up drivers to restore a previous version.

This is a great solution for automatically maintaining order on your computer.

Avast Driver Updater activation

Avast Driver Updater scans and updates drivers to reduce and prevent problems with devices that users connect to their computers, such as printers and scanners, a mouse and keyboard, headphones and speakers, cameras and camcorders, monitors, and other external devices.

Activation of Avast Driver Updater is possible only when installing a license key. After which you will receive a full set of functions of this program. Note that the latest version of the utility will work only on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with x64 and x32 bits.

All previous operating systems will no longer be supported. You can download Avast Driver Updater for free from the official site, but it will be trial, and for further use, you will need to buy an activation key. On an alternative site, you can get an activation code for free.

There is no reason not to trust this program because it was created by the best antivirus manufacturer in the world. Avast and its products receive the highest ratings from independent examinations and are especially appreciated by users.