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What is Avast SafePrice?

Avast SafePrice was created as a useful shopping plugin. It performs the function of protecting purchases on the Internet and protects the user from insecure shopping, fraudulent transactions. Also, Avast SafePrice finds information at attractive prices, competitive coupons, interesting discounts, etc. Moreover, the information found concerns only current offers, i.e. those that are relevant at the moment.

How does it work?

Avast SafePrice shows the best deals in a special browser line. This is neither an ad nor a banner, because the line from Avast SafePrice is automatically hidden if you are not making any purchases.

All offers and promotions come only from trusted sites and stores, so you don’t have to worry about getting to a fraudulent website. The goal of creating Avast SafePrice is to save your time so you don’t have to look for profitable and at the same time safe offers yourself. All the best promotions from trusted brands are already in your browser.

Top features from Avast SafePrice

This add-on has the following features:

  • Automatic individual search for positions. The program focuses on your preferences and wishes and automatically finds what you need.
  • Offers from trusted sellers: with a good reputation and guarantees.
  • Price comparison function to select the best offer.
  • Simple settings for individual requirements.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Unobtrusive work thanks to the automatic hiding of the Avast SafePrice plugin, in the absence of purchases.
  • The user sees all the best offers and he does not have to visit all sites.
  • Security of personal information: everything will be deleted immediately.

As you can see, Avast SafePrice has a rather useful program that allows you to shop online and find the best deals.

Is it safe for my data?

Avast SafePrice transfers data to Avast servers. Specifically, this relates to data about the products that the user is looking for, and in which stores he is looking for it.

You can not worry about your data, because they are not sent to any server and remain with you. Avast server sees only what you look at and choose in stores.

Later, the server passes the results of your searches to the Ciuvo trading partner, who searches for the best deals and only for you. Ciuvo does not receive any personal information about Avast users.

How to disable Avast SafePrice?

When this function first appears in the window, you will see the welcome page. The extension settings in the browser menu allow you to remove this plugin. There you can disable the service.

We can say that Avast SafePrice is a completely harmless plug-in, created, the user was not only safe but also received advantageous offers for his purchases.

Recall that Avast is recognized as one of the best developers of security programs and solutions for protecting your computer, as well as Internet surfing.

Therefore, we can definitely say that the plugin is safe, unobtrusive, it can be easily turned off and configured according to individual user requirements.